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Hello, I am Hans Waisfeld, real estate investment expert in Miami since 2016 and resident since 1999. Together with my team we advise you so that you can invest with peace of mind, security and confidence.in the last years we have helped more than 100 foreign investors to achieve their dream of being able to own a property in the United States and generate a passive income in dollars with a high yield. Whether you are looking for a long term investment, Airbnb or vacation home we are here to advise you.

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Yes, absolutely. There is no need to travel or be present. Just go through the process and transfer the funds. It is necessary to have your passport and valid visa to enter the USA.

No. Everything can be done digitally, from the visit to the property through a video call, zoom meetings, to the signing and money transfer. If the potential buyer wants to see the property in person and then go home, they can continue the process from abroad without any problem. On the day of closing, all signatures will be done through a digital platform with US notaries present to verify identity and finalize.

Yes, you can. The foreign down payment is 40% of the sales price. You will need a letter from your accountant showing legal funds and a 6 to 12 month reserve in a US account among other requirements, but it is a very simple process.

Nothing else is required. We recommend that the person open a bank account in the United States for the necessary transfers and deposits. That is why so many foreigners buy property in the USA, it is very easy and safe.

Its duration from the formal start of the negotiation to closing is approximately 30 to 45 days, and may even be less.

Not necessarily, but we recommend it. The costs are low, it is separate from the human person, and there are many benefits to buying through a company.

Yes, it is an insurance for investors against damages and incidents. The price is not very high and it is recommended, so you can rest assured that your assets are insured.

The value corresponding to one month’s rent, to be paid by the landlord (deducting one month from the three months that the tenant pays the landlord for income).









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