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In Miami, the Brickell city center offers New York style highrise condo living without the freezing temperatures. It gives you dazzling apartment views with easy access to the big city and seaside priviledges. Living in Brickell is not for everyone, but if you are one of the lions of life that likes social highend living, then read on!

Oh, also, I have an amazing video where you not only read about everything Brickell has to offer, but you get to check out some amazing shots I took with my drone. In that video and in this blog, my hope is to give you a small taste of all that Brickell is and what it has to offer.

Brickell Key | Private Island Community in Miami, Florida

1. Public Transportation

Let’s be real, transporting around the city can suck. Cities like Los Angeles, D.C. and, yes, even Miami have infamous traffic problems. Brickell found a way around that problem with public transportation. You can get all around this urban jungle by metro. And you can take the bus, metro, and tri-rail everywhere in the city. Here’s a few places you can hop off:

  • Bayside
  • Miami International Airport
  • Miami Dade College
  • Downtown Miami

What is pretty incredible is that Brickell’s Metro Mover is free.

You can easily find easy-to-use electric scooters on every corner. So push kick your way to the Brickell City Center or to classes at the Miami Dade College Campus! Regardless of how you want to travel: Uber, metro, scooters, or bike– all are made easy in Brickell. Heck, even walking is convenient since everything is really close by. Condos, restaurants, the beach, the historic center are all in walking distance. Proximity gives Brickell its value.

2. Luxury and Nightlife

Living in Brickell means you can experience the the crème de la crème of housing. You can find apartments, condos with full amenities, pools, saunas, and top of the line gyms. It’s the buffet of all access luxury living. 

If you do happen to be in town be sure to check out Boss Cow Oyster Bar. BCOB is a must visit. For real, check out the fresh lobster or the fresh crab. Here’s a link to the yelp where out of 496 reviews (and counting) this restaurant gets 4 stars.

Besides the properties for sale or rent in Brickell, this joint offers a New York Night Lifestyle. In fact, Brickell is often called the “Manhattan of the South.” Why? It ain’t because we say coffee in a weird accent. Brickell is one of the places with the most international banks. Plus it’s the crown of the city when it comes to nightlife. There are a lot of clubs, bars, and restaurants; and as I told you before, all are within walking distance.

3. Environment

When I say environment, I’m talking about the YBP-Young Business Professionals.  As our Miami rapper Trick Daddy once said: everybody knows somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody. And you want to know somebody, right? Well if your living in Brickell, you are going to be surrounded by a lot of young and old-er professionals. Also, if you are planning to bring the family, you get the benefit of enrolling your kids in a great school system. And here is a secret for you parents that want to hold on to your young adults when they try and skip town to go to college. Brickell has colleges and universities too! Florida International University offers great careers in medicine, business, science and engineering, technology, education. Phew. The list is long. If you want to scale down or shop around a bit, you can check out Miami Dade College. Brickell is a great place to live, so when it’s time for your mini-me to explore Big Boy School, well, you can keep an eye out on him or her just a bit longer.

Now that you’ve been thoroughly that Brickell is in fact heaven on earth, let me tell you about the earthy part. No place is perfect. Brickell may come close, but here are a few things you will want to watch out for.

4. Traffic

You: But Hans, you said transportation was a pro!

Me: No… I said P-U-B-L-I-C transportation was a pro.

In Brickell, just like every other city, you will find traffic. And here’s why–to get out of Brickell there are 2 different bridges. Bridges = Traffic. So it’s no surprise that in both bridges there is a big chance you will find cars.

When the traffic is the heaviest, it might take 30 minutes to get out of Brickell City Center. So take this into account and set your alarm clock accordingly.

5. Brickell is a concrete jungle

Remember I said that Brickell has an environment. Well, I wasn’t talking about green spaces. If you are the kind of person that loves big structures, big city style neighborhoods, skyscrapers, etc. this is the place for you. Personally, I’s a green zoner. So for me, it’s a con that there are not many green areas.

6. Expensive

I would do you a disservice if I don’t highlight how expensive it is to live in Brickell. I’ll keep it honest. It is one of the most expensive places to live in all of Miami. Condos can average from $500.000 to $20.000.000+.

And you know that if the housing is expensive then going to clubs and restaurants can be more expensive than in other places as well.

If you’re a stay at home kind of person, or just like hanging out at the beach all day, then Miami has a ton of places that you can look into.

Just remember that it depends on the lifestyle you prefer. Miami has so much to offer, and Brickell is for those that want that luxury touch and easy accessibility.

So, if you are planning to move to Brickell, then feel free to contact me.
I am more than happy to help you find the perfect spot for you to live…in Brickell, or maybe some other place here in Miami.

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